The Stars Align At UNSW

The project included complex electrical works, comprising  213 fibre optic lights installed through a 200mm concrete slab and 60mm granite pavers, then surveyed into position, fibre optic lights, consisting of 3 light intensities that turn on and off via a control box, to create the twinkling stars effect, and LED strip lighting to the bespoke terrace seating, completing the ‘Orion Constellation’ effect at the campus entry on Anzac Parade, Kensington.

The other deliverables included the installation of 1,500m2 of granite paving over a 200mm thick concrete slab, granite, and cobblestone feature road crossing, precast concrete seating units, furniture installation, underground stormwater pipe and pit works, and asphalt road works, and associated soft landscaping works.

Marsupial’s Projects team worked diligently to create the architectural concept. It was crucial that the finishes of each element were representative of the world-class research and teaching facility. Another vital aspect was ensuring the safety of student and faculty staff through safe and efficient construction methodologies.

Leaning into The Glascott Group’s Centre of Excellence, construction and hardscape specialists within the Group provided invaluable support throughout delivery. The end result is a stunning new entry at UNSW which comes to life at night, illuminating and welcoming people to the campus.

Project scope:

  • Recycled trachyte wall with feature seating
  • Installation of tables and chairs, and bike racks
  • Deco granite paving
  • Detailed planting layout (approx. 4,000 plants) and steel edging
  • Alri-honed paver
  • Custom curved timber seating terraces
  • LED strip lights to the terrace seating
  • Upgrade existing service pits with new power infill lido
  • Design and construction of an integrated irrigation system
  • Transplant existing palm on site
  • New Kikuyu turf (1,600m2)
  • S & I new bin enclosure

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