5 Tips to Repair and Prepare Landscapes for Summer

It’s great to feel the warm weather approaching and see plants and flowers starting to bloom. But spring is an erratic season with changeable weather that can cause landscapes to suffer.

With winter behind us, here are some action you can teak to repair any damage and ready your landscapes for the warmer months ahead:

1. Review damage
It’s a good time to assess any damage or potential hazards that may have occurred during the winter months, such as broken or loose paving stones, sink holes, or debris. Replace, repair and wash all hard surfaces to maintain aesthetics and prolong the lifespan of your landscape.

2. Check Irrigation Systems
Check nozzles, sprinkler heads, valves and controller to ensure the system has no leaks, blockages and is functioning properly.

3. Repair or Replace Turf
Re-turf any areas that are damaged or worn our using the same turf variety as in the surrounding areas. Not repairing your turf, will encourage weed growth such as summer grass and other broadleaf weeds.

4. Fertilise
Spring is the season of growth and the perfect time to apply fertiliser to encourage turf, new gardens and already established plantings.

5. Trim and Prune
Trim any trees or shrubs to help keep their shape and prevent them from encroaching on walkways or causing a hazard to passers-by.

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