Landscape & Civil Construction

Our landscape and civil construction capabilities have helped create some of Australia’s most significant and iconic urban spaces. With three decades of experience, we bring the technical know how and skill to manage even the most complex project requirements.

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Minor Projects & Variations

Small projects, big results. Like our larger projects, our small projects and variation services ensure quality is achieved in every aspect of delivery. From quoting and delivery through to warranty maintenance, our services are designed to provide value to clients and site users.

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Grounds Maintenance & Horticulture

Our services in grounds maintenance and horticulture address asset deterioration while extending the life of the landscape to deliver sustained value for our clients and their communities.

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Infrastructure Services

Ports, airports, rail, roads, utilities, and more. Our infrastructure services are designed to manage and protect infrastructure assets, ensuring the continuity of operations while keeping people and the environment safe.

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Arboriculture Services

From sapling to maturity, our arboriculture services protect and care for your trees and landscape environment. Our specialists services include Tree Care, Tree Reports and Tree Management to maintain healthy trees and lasting aesthetics.

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Sports Turf Management

Create an even playing field. Our high impact, low footprint sports turf services delivers premium playing surfaces and safe and clean facilities for optimum performance and recreation.

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Environmental Services

Environmental Services are at the core of what we do. Our services protect and enhance the ecology beneath the ground, soil protection and root system management, so everything above the ground can thrive.

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Irrigation Services

Water is the lifeblood of our environment. From newly installed plants to mature gardens, trees, and open spaces, our irrigation installation and management services will extend the life of your landscape assets, reduce expenditure, and improve aesthetics.

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Warranty Maintenance

Our warranty maintenance services contributes to the success of the new landscapes delivered by Glascott Landscape & Civil. We ensure safety and cleanliness at the site, as we nurture the horticulture towards the desired long term vision.

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Our Approach

Beautiful landscapes create a positive impact on people and protect our environment. We work with clients to deliver value in the construction and ongoing management of open space assets.

Our comprehensive landscape construction and landscape management services are delivered through safety, innovation and sustainable practices.

The Glascott Group National Centre of Excellence provides support across our geographical footprint. Drawing on decades of experience and in-depth knowledge, our team of nominated operational specialist assist project and contract teams to deliver consistent high-quality landscape results for our clients.

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Managing environments through innovation,
sustainable practices, safety and quality


Committed to creating beautiful spaces, that
enhance communities and the environment

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