Providing solutions to complex problems in Open Space Developments

Over the extensive experience our team have endeavoured here at Glascott Landscape and Civil, we acknowledge the role we play in providing innovative solutions to complex problems. As a leading provider to comprehensive landscape construction services, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project, leveraging our deep understanding of civil construction and soft landscapes to create sustainable landscapes that thrive.

In 2020 our team overcame the difficulties of Covid-19 lockdown along with other project complexities to deliver the award-winning Dawson Damer Park – previously known as Ron’s Creek in Oran Park – a large residential community in Sydney’s Southwest. High profile open space projects such as Ron’s Creek can be incredibly complex, involving unique challenges that require careful planning, innovative solutions, and expert execution. Overcoming these challenges requires a combination of technical expertise, collaboration, and adaptability to ensure successful project delivery.

The first step in overcoming complex problems is to identify and understand the challenges involved. This requires a deep understanding of the project scope, site conditions and client needs. Ron’s Creek Splash Park was the largest and most important landscape project to date for Greenfields development company, which heightened the communication between architect JMD Design, community members, and client Greenfields Development Company and Camden Council to develop a clear understanding of the project goals and overcome the year that was 2020.

After several Covid-19 Lockdowns and a year of drought the team quickly adapted to the unmodifiable challenges and developed a comprehensive plan to address them, through evaluating different options, considering factors such as cost, feasibility, and environmental impact, and then selecting the best course of action. The team ensured the plan was adaptable, allowing for changes as the project processes and new challenges arise.

Constructing a project to this degree underground comes with extensive site preparation, to clear any existing structures, trees, or vegetation that could interfere with excavation or construction activities. The type and quality of soil and rock at the site can impact the excavation process and the stability of structures. Additionally, the project was completed in the newest portion of the development, meaning that bringing utilities to the site such as power, water, gas, and sewer required careful and precise coordination with asset providers to ensure that the park could be commissioned in time for its opening. The project was also delivered alongside and in conjunction with other key contractors under separate contracts meaning that collaboration and respect for other stakeholders’ priorities was key, which is something that we pride ourselves on

Throughout the implementation process, our team understood the importance to monitor progress and evaluate the effectiveness of the solution. This allows for adjustments to be made if necessary and ensures that the project stays on track to meet its goals and objectives.

In conclusion, providing solutions to complex problems in high profile open space projects such as Dawson Damer Park requires a thorough understanding of the project goals, constraints, and resources, as well as a deep knowledge of the area and opportunities. By following a systematic approach to problem solving and maintaining a positive relationship with stakeholders in the process, and monitoring progress and effectiveness, successful outcomes can be achieved in even the most complex projects.

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