Post Construction Maintenance In Brisbane CBD

Located at the entrance to Kangaroo Point, Glascott revitalised the site for Brisbane City Council; turning a worn out street verge on the arterial road into a featured landscape area. Accent species and materials such as steel and sandstone were installed. An existing feature sandstone retaining wall, which was covered in years of render, mould, and dirt, was cleaned to expose the natural colours of the locally sourced stone and complements the new soft landscaping.

Marsupial’s services include 37 scheduled visits, managing o 463m2 of lawn and 904m2 of garden area. The mix of species, including natives to succulents, requires an array of maintenance techniques to achieve the desired outcomes.

Fast growing groundcovers are tip pruned regularly to form a dense arrangement. Low maintenance species have been used to provide year-round aesthetics, with the entire upgrade improving street appeal while keeping the maintenance requirements low.

The site was a wasteland for many years, with a high weed seed bank in the soil profile. New technology pre-emergent herbicides are being used to gain better control, reduce servicing requirements.

Site access was made difficult by the busy CBD location and heavy traffic. Marsupial’s services are scheduled to get the most out of each visit while not disrupting road users. They will complete the maintained period shortly, providing an engaging new green space for commuters and local residents.

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