Managing Open Space On The Northern Beaches

When you work in a community for decades, you develop a unique understanding of how the open space is used and what is required to maintain them for ongoing value to stakeholders.

Marsupial Landscape Management have worked on Sydney’s Northern Beaches since its inception when their head office was located in Belrose.  They currently deliver three contracts for Northern Beaches Council: Childcare & Community Centres Maintenance, Southern Region Mowing Services, and Reactive Vegetation & Landscape Maintenance.

To manage the large and diverse volume of work on these contracts, Marsupial deploys multiple teams of managers, horticulturists, tradespeople, and apprentices, with a range of skills and expertise in landscape & asset management.

Responsive and flexible

The Reactive Vegetation & Landscape Maintenance Contract alone includes work on roadsides, commercial sites, parks, sporting venues, and reserves.

Marsupial responds to requests from Council’s customer service department;  reactive mowing for the Parks & Reserves Mowing Department; planting, watering and fertilising for the Tree Department; and minor projects for the Park Assets – Planning, Design & Delivery department. They also assist in other services where Council doesn’t have the capacity to carry out works in-house.

The work they do ensures the council has the right people at hand to assist in keeping the environment safe and clean for users, and in particular, addressing risk and cleaning up after a natural disaster.

High profile sites

The Northern Beaches is home to one of the most active communities and most highly visited sites in Australia. With its sprawling coastline, an abundance of parks, and prolific open space, the outdoors are enjoyed by residents and visitors all year round.

Critical spaces need to be managed well during surge periods. In particular, prominent sites like Manly Beach Foreshore, Manly Promenade, Freshwater, Curl Curl, and Dee Why Beach, are maintained for safety, continuity, and aesthetics, particularly during high traffic periods.

Marsupial’s work can include tidying up Manly Corso, clearing vegetation for safety and access, or cleaning up after weather events. They understand the intrinsic value of these sites and the importance of the work they do in protecting place and people.

Meeting objectives

Providing ongoing value for Northern Beaches Council and its residents is a key contract objective. To achieve this, Marsupial implement seasonal programs, where services are reduced in the slower growth periods and increased during surge periods. Playing field surrounds and small open space assets, like nature strips and right of ways, are serviced monthly with increased schedules during high usage periods, including winter sports which attract high participation rates.

Marsupial maintains a flexible approach to meet Council needs. Special events like festivals, New Year’s Eve, or when venues are booked for weddings and events, require services outside of working hours, and response time that ensures efficient management.

Another key objective is to continually identify recurring reactive works that can be moved to ongoing maintenance. This contributes to greater efficiency and increased contract value for Council, providing assurance that works are being seen to efficiently.

Underscoring Marsupial’s delivery is a dedication to safe and well-managed environments for the peninsular’s businesses, residents, and many visitors.

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