Marsupial Deliver Bushfire Mitigation Services At Blue Mountains Schools

This important work comprised vegetation clearing and land assessment at State Schools in the Blue Mountains region.

Our team worked within Area Protection Zone (APZ) guidelines on the bushland areas and landscaped garden areas to reduce the level of fuel around school buildings.


The scope of works included:

  • Fine Fuel Removal, including leaf litter and small branches from the ground
  • Brush-cutting ground layer vegetation
  • Shrub pruning to reduce the height of the shrubs
  • Removal of selective trees & dead trees to be chipped and removed from site
  • Weed control
  • Bushfire Land Management specialists, Alphitonia, audited and inspected the completed sections to ensure the works were within current guidelines and the habitat was protected.

The work provides much-needed reassurance for the school communities over the summer months.

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