Positive feedback from community members is the highest level of praise.

It’s not every day that people write to their local Council to praise the services and people providing them.  It takes effort. You must feel strongly and care enough to bother,  which is why we were thrilled to receive feedback from Northern Beaches Residents.

Below are a couple of messages sent to our Northern Beaches Council mowing contract team:

My property spills onto the council reserve. Today I was handed your business card in case I ever needed Marsupial’s details regarding lawn mowing. I would just like to give you some feedback in regard to your team.

My husband and I invest a lot of time in keeping the reserve in tip top condition as we look onto it. Your team do an amazing job in keeping the lawns looking fantastic. I think it is important to give credit where credit is due. They are always courteous, friendly and professional. They work hard and take great care.

“I would like to thank you and your team for all their efforts and at the same time wish you all a very safe and happy Christmas and new year.

Regards and thank you.”

And this via Northern Beaches Council…

I had a call today from a customer who wished to compliment one of your workers on their personable, informative and courteous service yesterday in Kangaroo Lane.  The employee was working on the vegetated road edge at the time when he was approached by this customer.

“She said he was “a young blonde man with a tattoo on his chest” and he was very nice.  He gave her information about the plantings he was doing and info about the weed spraying and how it would not be detrimental to the health of her pet.

She would like him to be thanked and for his good performance to be recognised.”

Our team work hard at not just providing services, but integrating with communities and making it personal, which is evident by these wonderful endorsements.

Marsupial’s General Manager, Cameron Tracey said,

I’m proud of our people. They’re hard working and dedicated.

“This is wonderful recognition of the Northern Beaches team’s commitment and I congratulate them.

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