How landscaping increases the value of infrastructure projects

The landscaping aspect of any project is the final layer – the ultimate icing on the cake. For infrastructure projects, landscaping is crucial in the aesthetic design, softening the urban environment and adding significant value for communities and transport users.

While landscaping enhances the visual appeal of infrastructure sites, particularly motorways and rail corridors, making them more attractive to the public and creating a positive image, it also provides many functional and environmental benefits, such as improved air quality, noise reduction, habitat for wildlife and supporting biodiversity, and regulating the local climate.

From a safety perspective, landscaping helps to prevent soil erosion and stabilises slopes. Stormwater management is supported through reduced runoff and promoting infiltration, mitigating the risk of flooding and water pollution. Trees and other vegetation provide shade, wind protection, and reduce the urban heat island effect, making the surrounding area more comfortable and liveable.

Importantly, landscaping helps to foster health and well-being for communities and commuters. There is significant research on the positive effects of just looking at greenery while immersing in the open space through exercise and physical activity at new parks further increases well-being.

Functional and aesthetically pleasing landscapes balance the natural and built environment, making infrastructure sites more attractive and visually appealing. They increase the property value in the surrounding areas and provide a boost to the local economy.

The Glascott Group have helped deliver infrastructure projects and contracts for more than three decades, notably the Sydney Metro Northwest project, Western Sydney Airport’s Visitors Centre, WestConnex M4 and M5 Motorway, and various parks and community open space projects along motorway corridors.

We’re passionate about our work in helping to build resilient cities where people and nature thrive in a symbiotic environment. For more information contact our team

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