A peek into other side of the world!

What a summer it was in Australia!

While we enjoyed beautiful warm nights, green grass, blooming flowers, and beach walks and barbeques the other side of the world were experiencing snow storms, below freezing temperatures and extreme conditions.

While snow is beautiful, we are fortunate to not to have to deal with extreme snow condition here in Australia. On that subject, thought that we would share some insight on Landscaping in colder climates – something we have peeked into during the holidays.

We are awestruck by the amount of labour and the huge equipment used to clear out the Snow imposed on Roadsides and Grasslands. Here are some observations to share:

  • Well maintained Bulky Snow Removal Equipment – the colder it becomes, more probability that things break. So Mechanics are unusually busy during the winter period repairing important life saving equipment.
  • Lots and lots of shoveling. Work that makes your arms strong but back break. To ensure a community can function, there is a lot of work to be done clearing snow from streets.


  • Long work hours and weekend works – True team spirit comes into play. And more coffee to beat the sleep deprivation.
  • Communication and network are key factors – Excellent client relationship is vital with communication being key. Mitigating risk is highly important and precise management is needed to ensure safety.
  • Highly trained and experienced staff – Safety and time constraint are a necessity.

Jokes aside, it takes an enormous effort of planning to meticulously tackle the challenges posed by Landscape and Grounds Maintenance during the colder months. We have also learnt that every snowstorm is unique and it is important to monitor an incoming storm to provide customers with services on time and throughout the winter months.

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