Thomas St Playground is near to the finish Line

The Thomas St Playground equipment is well and truly on its way to being complete. Our team have done a fantastic job at retaining the site’s unique heritage characteristics whilst collaboratively working with Bayside City Council to upgrade the park to align with current standards and modern amenity.

With cut & fill excavation and in-ground services complete we are now well underway with the hardscape construction of the Thomas Street Reserve Accessible Playground.

Over 50% of permeable concrete pavements are complete, as well as 6 x custom timber shade structures, 4 x large shade sail structures, mudstone seating walls, mudstone boulder works, seniors fitness equipment and various significant play equipment and musical elements.

We have seen the completion of the perimeter asphalt walking track around the park, all play equipment and water play elements ahead of the eagerly anticipated commencement of public art features, softscape installation, park furniture, fixtures, drinking fountains and BBQ’s.

The Glascott project team have thoroughly enjoyed a friendly and collaborative partnership with Bayside City Council, lead Playground Consultant – Ric McConaghy and Landscape Architect – Justin Staggard. We look forward to seeing the community return to the revitalised playground in the imminent future, a space that holds a lot of history and fond memories for the locals.

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