Spear Lily Park


Sekisui House


Residential, Open Space, Public Space, Cultural & Heritage





Landscape Architect:

Saunders Havill Group

Spear Lily Park is situated in Ecco Ripley – a Five Star Green-Star rated Sekisui House development in Ipswich. The new park was named after a native plant and food source for Indigenous Australians found throughout the area.

Glascott delivered all elements of the park including Indigenous features that recognise the site’s history; the hand carved sandstone seating, way-finding totem poles & bush tucker trail. Other featues include garden beds and a custom lookout shelter with an insitu stainless steel compass.

The park opening combined Sekisui House Australia’s 10th Anniversary. Glascott provided trees for 10 families to ‘put down roots’ in a tree-planting ceremony.

Our sister business Marsupial Landscape Management provided warranty maintenance to establish & shape the site for towards the desired long term vision.

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