Royal Australian Mint Maintenance Contract


Commonwealth of Australia


Public Space, Heritage Space, Open Space




Jan 2018 – May 2021

Glascott Landscape Management maintained the ground at the Royal Australian Mint for over 3 years. The work entailed maintenance of gardens, lawn areas, tree health, irrigation, litter removal and collection, mulch, and planting when required – keeping the site in mint condition.

We liaised and interacted closely with our client to ensure ongoing improvements at the site, with professional turf management, ongoing soil analysis for healthy turf & gardens, and balanced fertilizing.

• Daily attendance for continuity of presentation
• Mowing
• Weed Control
• Blowing car park and pedestrian areas
• Fertilising & Turfing
• Pest Control & Spraying
• Tree Work and assessments
• Ground Vegetation Control
• Planting, Hedging & Mulching
• Maintain Gardens & Lawns
• Re-design and installation of gardens
• Irrigation monitoring and repair

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