Pineapple Park


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Landscape Architect:

Saunders Havill

Delivered by Glascott Landscape and Civil Queensland, the aptly named ‘Pineapple Farm Park’ is reflective of the site’s heritage as a pineapple farm and contains many subtle cues to its history. The new park features:

  • Angular (agriculturally-inspired) interconnecting pathways;
  • Avenues of shade trees;
  • Pineapple play net structure and swings;
  • Natural orchards including citrus plantings;
  • Huge kickabout spaces;
  • Picnic shelter, setting, water fountain and bins;
  • Pineapple theme PMT wrapping;
  • Rehabilitation plantings.

Glascott partnered with PEET, Saunders Havill and our delivery partners to create a quality open space for the Strathpine community. The project was constructed safely to the specification, quality, and design outcomes.

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