Ginninderry Estate Stage 1


HUON Contractor


Public Space, Residential, Open Space





Landscape Architect:

Group GSA

Delivered by Glascott Landscape & Civil and Glascott Landscape Management: our teams worked closely with HUON Contractors to bring Ginninderry Stage 1 to life, providing construction and warranty maintenance on various assets, including:

  • Street Verges beatification (planting)
  • Construction of main entry Vineyard
  • Display village corridor works – public domain
  • Turf Test Plot – various species trialled to cater to seasonal changes and site/location conditions
  • Remnant tree and habitat works
  • Dryland Grassing & Hydroseeding
  • Display village Garden & Offices
  • Post construction maintenance on all assets

Our objectives were to deliver open space that blends with the natural environment and develops into the vision held for the community.

We worked closely with all stakeholders to value engineer the project, including reviewing specification to provide greater efficiencies without compromising on the quality.

The outcomes achieved during construction and establishment helps to attract potential residents while ensuring the life of the landscapes at Ginninderry.

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