Pineapple Farm Park – The Landing

We were thrilled to be back working with PEET and Saunders Havill to create once again a quality open space for the Strathpine community.

The aptly names ‘Pineapple Farm Park’ design is reflective on the site’s heritage as a pineapple farm and contains many subtle cues to its history. The Team worked toward incorporating these features to satisfy the community needs. The Angular interconnecting pathways and avenues of shaded trees is agriculturally inspired, along with-its natural orchards including citrus planting and large green spaces.

The large space of work surrounds the play net structure and swings, which carries forwards he themes of the historical Pineapple farm park. The extensive planting, installation of equipment and street furniture meant the team had to work collaboratively to complete the project in the short time frame. The extensive paving and fencing surrounding the boundaries of the area gave the community a large walking path around the park, encouraging everyone to be more active. A series of a picnic shelter, shady trees, large kickabout spaces, settings, water fountains and bins, means that communities and small grounds can enjoy the space for longer.

The project was constructed safely to the specification, quality, and design outcomes.

Scope of Work:

  • 45m Timber fence
  • Garden planting
  • Street furniture
  • 193m Paling Fence
  • 31m Pool Fence
  • 10000m Turf
  • Playground equipment install
  • Softfall rubber playground surface
  • Concrete paving

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