Managing new community assets is more than trimming hedges

To establish landscapes at residential developments, sites need to be monitored continuously. Streetscapes, parks and open space areas are often created before the houses are built, and with so many trades coming and going, the new landscapes can sometimes be compromised.

Marsupial are working at Atherstone – a Lendlease master plan community in Melbourne’s west.  We are providing warranty maintenance on the new open space assets constructed by our sister business, Glascott Landscape and Civil.

The landscapes at Atherstone need to be in top condition to attract potential buyers.  Marsupial works closely with Glascott to monitor the new sections.  Measures are in place to try and prevent damage and daily checks are performed on each stage to determine if any damage has occurred. This proactive approach means problems are identified and communicated early, thereby reducing waste and mitigating stock risk. It also means the Landscape Architect can be confident the vision and design intent are being adhered to.

Our warranty program includes grass cutting, tree works, and garden bed maintenance.  We straighten tree stakes and ensuring there is minimal litter and the turf looks in the best possible condition.  Friday afternoons are reserved to address any issues so potential buyers coming through on the weekend can be welcomed to a clean and tidy community.

Marsupial and Glascott hold regular meetings with staff and resources, collaborating to make all aspects of landscape managing achievable. Our focus is to deliver immediate results for Lendlease and sustained outcomes for homeowners at Atherstone.

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