Lawrence Hargrave Reserve

Our newest project, Lawrence Hargrave Reserve, is situated above a car park overlooking beautiful Sydney Harbour in Elizabeth Bay.

After the successful delivery of Hollis Park and Strickland Park earlier this year, we are thrilled to be working again with City of Sydney to upgrade this hidden gem in the centre of Sydney.


The upgrade aims to make the park safer and more welcoming for the surrounding communities. The key deliverables include improving access and sightlines into the park, with two new paths with full accessibility ramps, a larger community garden with a new access path, new seating, bubblers, native plants and improved lawn, informal walls, pavements, and bollards to protect dogs from the road.

Our team will work safely and efficiently to manage loading impacts while working on the rooftop structure. We look forward to providing a revitalised & functional open space for the community.

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