Cavill Ave Porous Paving around Tree Bed Refurbishment

The most famous street on the Gold Coast is undergoing refurbishment to address the health of its trees.

Marsupial Environmental Services is a new division of Marsupial Landscape Services dedicated to managing the urban environment, from the soil to the tree canopy.

Led by Daniel Oaten, our senior Arborist, Research & Development Manager – an industry leader in arboriculture and urban forest management – the division provides research-informed solutions including assessments, reports, and implementation of services that focus on the impact and preservation of soil and tree health.

In their first project for City of Gold Coast, the Environmental Services team have replaced old porous paving on three tree beds on Cavill Avenue. The process involves carefully removing the original porous paving then expanding the planter beds by cutting out concrete, then removing pavement substrates, checking and treating of the exposed roots, installing vertical cores and installing new technology dynamic porous paving that combines certain sized stone, rubber blend with polymer resins.

This product has a high rate of flexibility and porosity whilst still being slip resistant and impact resistant.


The process involves specialised service that captures arboriculture, environmental and civil skillset. Daniel brings specific skills that enable him to work with the Council to provide solutions in a non-natural environment for tree health and survival and a long history in studying hydrology, nutrient and oxygen transfer to the tree root system in urban environments.

This new type of porous surfacing was specifically designed and created by our Senior Arborist to meet the Gold Coast City Councils requirements, giving the tree beds a more robust flexible porous surface that was self-cleaning, could handle high foot traffic whilst being aesthetically pleasing.  All these outcomes were achieved whilst ensuring that the trees / palms obtain better long-term health through minimising compaction, increasing water and gaseous exchange in the street trees root system.  This in turn reduces the overland water going into storm drains and naturally delivers better plant health and soil hydrology.

Working in a busy high-profile site comes with challenges, including tight streets heavily trafficked with tourists and vehicles and tight workspaces stretched over varying distances. Setting up safe and contained workspaces to mix and apply the porous paving was a priority.

Tree health care is based around soil science, pest and diseases and soil hydrology that allows street trees in the harsh urban environment to survive and thrive while protecting the root system from constant foot traffic and vehicular traffic.

The work ensures Cavill Avenue has the foundation for sustained tree health, which will deliver many long-term benefits including beautiful aesthetics, shade, and cooling.

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